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Construction Management



We consult with you to accurately define overall development objectives.  Provide preliminary pricing for initial concept and assist in financial analysis and pro forma establishment.  Recommend a program for selection of the architect and engineers.


We work with you on creating a design schedule along with formulation of building concept, project budget, and preliminary construction schedule.

We supply analyses of construction market conditions.  Recommend building materials, methods and systems. (See Economic Construction Studies) This early involvement solves many of the constructability issues before plans are issue to bidders.

We prepare a Conceptual Cost Estimate based on preliminary schematic drawings.  A detailed estimate will be provided to you. This advanced knowledge of cost is extremely meaningful to all aspects of your design & budget.

We continuously offer time and cost analyses of the overall construction design (value engineering).  As a result early "value engineering", cost saving alternates for various design components including structural, architectural, exterior facade, interior finish, mechanical and electrical systems are defined early on in the project. This accelerates your project more quickly than traditional methods.

We coordinate all efforts relative to City Engineering municipal authorities.

We secure boundary and topographical surveys, tree survey, phase I environmental, landscape, preliminary plat and geotechnical engineering studies, as you require.

Design Development Phase

We expedite and coordinate professional engineering services for soils investigation and borings as well as site concrete, steel, roofing and other testing requirements. We will assist you on the final selection of MEP, and Structual Engineers.

We recognize that while your development costs can sometimes be considerable; it is the performance of your design purchases over their life cycle that has the greatest effect on your operating cost. The performance of products and systems over time is a major factor in your decision for value-based purchasing.

Construction Documents

We review bidding documents with particular emphasis on:

  • Possible gaps in the constructablity of design details.
  • The requirement for listing of proposed subcontractors.
  • Design & Material Alternates (scope and definition).
  • Budget Allowances (scope and definition).

Bidding or Negotiating

We coordinate the preparation of construction bid packages, solicit and prequalify subcontractors. Distribute bid packages and conduct pre-bid conferences.
We evaluate bids / proposals submitted by subcontractors;

  • Secure pricing of pre-award addenda's.
  • Assist you in selecting alternates to be accepted based on value.
  • Conduct pre-award conference.
  • Negotiate contract with successful subcontractor and all other outside Contractors.
  • Submit construction subcontract agreement for your approval.

Meetings and Reports

We conduct regularly scheduled Construction Progress Meetings with you.  These Progress meetings address all areas of the Project with emphasis on budget, schedule, quality, and changes in the work, manpower, safety, and conformance with design, compliance with resolutions of construction issues.

  • Prepare cash flow analyses as you may require.
  • Issue monthly progress reports as you may require.                                                                   

Budget Control

We regularly monitor and analyze the Construction Budget for compliance with the your Control Budget.

Provide you with suggestions and recommendations when potential exist for cost variations and overruns.

Schedule Control

We track and analyze the schedule for conformity with your overall project objectives and schedule.

Provide you with suggestions and recommendations regarding any potential schedule abnormalities or variations from Project's critical path.
Quality Control - Adequacy of Contractor's Workforce

We adhere to a continuous review of the progress of the project, degree of quality and workmanship and adequacy of subcontractor's workforce.