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Commercial Projects

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.


Beautiful Office Buildings

Office Buildings


We strive to work outside the box and help you create the vision you are seeking for your project.



We assist you with early-on budgeting, so that we can share your dreams and vision with your congregation. This would be our first step to making your project a reality.


Retail Restaurants

We understand that cost and schedule are extremely important to the feasibility of your project.



We work to make your customers and employees experience an environment that they will enjoy every day they walk through your front door. Bank branding is important throughout the Design and Construction of the project.



We help build your curriculum for all your requirements including layout, natural light, ventilation, technology, sports, fine arts, safety and sustainability.


Medical Facilities

We understand the key factors associated with the medical facility. Consideration for staff and patient requirements including; Room Sizes, Finishes, Plumbing, Medical Gas, HVAC, Sound and Ventilation requirements for the safety of all patients and staff.


Manufacturing Facilities 

Every Manufacturing Facility has special use requirements.

  • First, We understand the nature of your Manufacturing process.

  • Second, Plant layout and Space requirements.

  • Third, Material and Equipment handling and assembly.

  • Fourth, Plant safety and Protection.

  • Fifth, Plant lighting and HVAC requirements.

  • Sixth, Receiving and Shipping requirements.

  • Seventh, Service, Support and Office requirements.



Whether you are occupying your own Office Warehouse or Building Projects for rental purposes. We understand construction methods from pre-engineered metal buildings to concrete tilt up walls. We will assist you with site evaluation, construction budget and schedule along with design/permitting to turnkey construction.


Special Use Projects

We have experience building a variety of special-use projects. These projects include:

  • Bowling Centers

  • Dance Studios

  • Salons

  • Gymnasiums

  • Football Stadiums

  • Basketball and Volleyball Courts

  • Storage Facilities

  • Complete Remodel of Interior Building Finish-outs

  • Exterior Facade Renovations

Medical Facilities

Tricon Commercial Building Group, LTD

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