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Tricon Design and Build Process

Design/Build is a method of complete project delivery in which two entities (Designer/Builder) performs Architectural, Engineering, Design Services, Permitting and Construction.

By contrast, the Design/Bid/Build method requires much more contract administration. You will need to engage an Architect, MEP Engineers, Civil Engineers and Consultants to prepare drawings and specifications under many different design contracts and then, subsequently, select a Contractor via a bidding process to build the facility under another separate construction contract.

Tricon Design and Build Process

Why go with us over the lowest bid


In a Design/Bid/Build relationship, the Owner warrants to the low Bidding Contractor that the design documents (plans & specifications) are complete and free from error. In a Design/Build contract relationship the Design/Builder warrants to the Owner that the design documents are complete and free from error. This eliminates finger pointing between the Owner, the architect and the builder, and provides a single source of responsibility to the Design/Builder.

Benefits of Design/Build Method Are:


Owner Can Influence

the Design and Cost at early stages having weekly input from the designer and builder.


Allows Frequent 

and early input from the Builder on budget items and cost savings suggestions.


Builder Can Identify

long lead-time items and thereby procure material commitments early on during the design phase of the project, in order to accelerate the project schedule and prevent project delays in the future.


Design/Build Team

provides creative solutions to many problems encountered during the Design phase of the project. We also save you money by specifying equipment and materials that are cost competitive and readily available, without sacrificing quality.


Fewer Change Orders

from the Builder and his subcontractors due to early input and involvement in the project details and specifications.


Provides The Owner

with several stages of budget pricing during the design phase to assist with “on track” budget pricing.


Designer And Builder

are on the same team, which eliminates adverse relationships. The Builder will solicit more than 50 pre-qualified subcontractors to bid on the project and will share all subcontract bids, qualifications, and cost saving suggestions.


Project Receives 

better competitive subcontract pricing during the bidding process due to cost effective details and specified materials, which are constantly being reviewed by the Builder and communicated to all architectural and engineering designers during the design phase of the project and followed by communication with the Subcontractors bidding the project.


The Front End

of the project takes less time to complete due to the need for less detailed and precise construction documents and less time in the bidding phase takes more time to process.
Avoids the need to spend more time and money on a possible redesign due to a project being over-designed and over-budget after Contactor bids are received.

TRICON Design/Build process

In Summary

TRICON Design/Build process offers significant advantages over the traditional Design, Bid & Build techniques. To assist the Owner in paying less for their project, our Design/Build team has a complete open book agreement with the Owner which includes providing copies of all subcontract bids, Builder’s bid tabulations, Builder’s detailed estimates, resumes, and references of jobsite personnel. 


Supporting documentation for monthly billings includes all subcontract and material invoices, subcontract lien waivers including 10% payment retention on all subcontractors until project completion. Monthly jobsite meetings with scheduled updates on construction progress keep the Owner well informed and the entire team on track to complete the project within the required time. Our Design/Builder process offers all these advantages and will also provide you with both the trust and confidence that you are receiving value on each and every item of work that is delivered.

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